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Standards are the core deliverable of SCS. By standardizing the open source software components of a cloud computing stack, their versions, how they are to be configured, deployed and utilized, SCS guarantees the reproducibility of a certain behavior of this technology.

SCS standards are discussed, developed and maintained in the community by the corresponding teams (see Track in the table below), which naturally include existing users of SCS.

*Legend to the column headings: Draft, Stable (but not effective), Effective, Deprecated (and no longer effective).

scs-0001GlobalSovereign Cloud Standards--v1-
scs-0002GlobalStandards, Docs and Organisationv2-v1-
scs-0003GlobalSovereign Cloud Standards YAMLv1---
scs-0004GlobalRegulations for achieving SCS-compatible certificationv1---
scs-0112GlobalSONiC Support in SCSv1---
scs-0100IaaSSCS Flavor Naming Standard--v3v1, v2
Supplement: Implementation and Testing Notesw1---
scs-0101IaaSSCS Entropy--v1-
Supplement: Implementation and Testing Notesw1---
scs-0102IaaSSCS Image Metadata Standard--v1-
scs-0103IaaSSCS Standard Flavors and Properties--v1-
scs-0104IaaSSCS Standard Images--v1-
scs-0110IaaSSSD Flavors--v1-
scs-0111IaaSDecisions for the Volume Type Standardv1---
scs-0200KaaSUsing Sonobuoy for KaaS conformance testsv1---
scs-0210KaaSSCS K8S Version Policy--v2v1
scs-0211KaaSSCS KaaS default storage class--v1-
scs-0212KaaSRequirements for container registriesv1---
scs-0213KaaSKubernetes Nodes Anti Affinityv1---
scs-0214KaaSKubernetes Node Distribution and Availability--v1-
scs-0215KaaSRobustness features for Kubernetes clustersv1---
scs-0216KaaSRequirements for testing cluster-stacksv1---
scs-0217KaaSKubernetes cluster baseline securityv1---
scs-0218KaaSContainer registry for SCS standard implementationv1---
scs-0300IAMRequirements for SSO identity federation--v1-
scs-0301IAMNaming for domains/groups/roles/project when onboarding new customersv1---
scs-0302IAMDomain Manager configuration for Keystonev1---
scs-0400OpsStatus Page create decisionv1---
scs-0401OpsStatus page reference implementation decisionv1---
scs-0402OpsStatus page OpenAPI decisionv1---
scs-0403OpsArchitecture for the Cloud Service provider Observability System for the KaaS Layerv1---
scs-0410OpsGnocchi as database for meteringv1---
scs-0411OpsPush-based approach for providing usage datav1---
scs-0412OpsExposition of IaaS metering data as JSONv1---