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Operations Guide

Node states


This feature is currently under development and it is only usable with latest.

A node can be in different states. Depending on the state, different actions are possible or are triggered.

The individual states of a node can be retrieved via Ansible Facts and local files on the node itself.


osism set maintenance NODE
osism noset maintenance NODE
  • Ansible fact: ansible_local.osism.maintenance
  • State file: /etc/osism/maintenance


osism set bootstrap NODE
osism noset bootstrap NODE
  • Ansible fact: ansible_local.osism.bootstrap
  • State file: /etc/osism/bootstrap

Custom plays

Custom Plays can be used in all environments in the configuration repository.

For example, this is a play to prepare all devices to be used for Ceph on a Ceph resource node. It is saved in the configuration repository in the file environments/ceph/playbook-wipe-partitions.yml. It is run with osism apply -e ceph wipe-parititons.

- name: Wipe partitions
hosts: ceph-resource
gather_facts: false

- name: Wipe partitions
become: true |
wipefs --all "{{ item }}"
dd if=/dev/zero of="{{ item }}" bs=1 count=4096
changed_when: false
with_items: "{{ devices }}"

Manage services

osism apply manage-service \
-e service_name=rsysloc \
-e service_state=restarted

Manage containers

osism apply manage-container \
-e container_name=nova_compute \
-e container_action=restart