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Deploy Guide

💡 The Deploy Guide describe how to provision, bootstrap and deploy nodes and services.

A classification is made for services. For example, all infrastructure services such as RabbitMQ or MariaDB are covered in the infrastructure section of the services chapter.

The guide always assume that a node is already initially accessible via SSH and only needs to be bootstrapped and integrated into the environment. Deploying bare-metal nodes with an operating system is documented in the provisioning chapter.

The manager node is handled in a separate chapter because it must be handled differently when building a new environment.

Before deploying services to nodes, they must all be bootstrapped. This is covered in the bootstrap chapter.

In the examples, the pull of images (if supported by a role) is always run first. While this is optional, it is recommended to speed up the execution of the deploy action in the second step. This significantly reduces the times required for the restart from a service.

Getting started

OSISM is deployed in a series of successive phases. The phases are documented in this guide.

  1. Creation of a configuration repository
  2. Provisioning of the bare-metal nodes
  3. Preparation of the seed node
  4. Preparation of the manager node
  5. Preparation of the bare-metal nodes
  6. Deployment of the services